Ryne Ziemba

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After years of riding freight trains around the U.S., Ryne Ziemba landed in NYC and spent a few years supporting other songwriters and bands in the Brooklyn music scene as a lead guitar and synth player. It wasn't long before he started experimenting with DIY production and landed on the ragged, sweaty, swaggered style evocative of his mother swamp, Florida, for his cassette e.p.: Dirty Sunset #1.

Now on his debut LP, Cataclysmos, Ryne has written and recorded a swirling psychedelic landscape in 12 songs. Cataclysmos, which means “flood” in Greek, was written at a time where Ziemba was recovering from an illness and watching many of his friends seem like they were drowing in the stress of world events and personal dramas of their own. He wrote Cataclysmos as a guide for himself and those around him to try to swim to the surface of their own tribulations--to continue to see humor and beauty during tough times. The result is an album of well-crafted songs that contain rich sonic textures inspired by surf rock, shoe-gaze, glam rock and psychedelia!



Mar. 20th @Baby's All Right with Orb
Feb. 19th @Elsewhere with Gold Child
Nov. 16th @The Glove with The Doilies, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate and Baby Birds Don't Drink Milk
May 6th @ Our Wicked Lady (rooftop) (brought to you by PopGun Presents - Brooklyn, NY with Shadow Band and Sun Voyager
March 18th @ Alphaville - Brooklyn, NY with Weird Omen and Holy Tunics


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